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Foods That are Surprisingly Bad for Your Teeth

foods that are surprisingly bad for your teethAt some point in your childhood, you were probably lectured by your parents or dentist that some foods are good for your teeth and other foods are bad for your teeth. Soda and sweets are obviously some of the biggest culprits when it comes to tooth decay. The best rule of thumb to follow is to maintain a well-balanced, healthy diet that is rich in nutritious fruits and vegetables. However, there might be some foods and drinks that you think are good for your teeth when in actuality they are doing more harm than good.

Although fruit juice might be high in vitamins, it is also very high in sugar. It also lacks the dietary fiber you would get from eating regular fruit. In order to minimize the harm that it does to your teeth, drink it alongside a meal or chew sugar-free gum afterward to neutralize the acids.

Bagels, cereal bars, and muffins may seem like a convenient breakfast option, and they certainly seem healthier than sugary, colorful cereals, but they are also packed with sugar. Their texture means that they tend to stick to your molars, which causes bacteria to build up throughout the day.

Many people are under the false assumption that diet sodas are infinitely better than regular sodas. But even though diet soda is lower in sugars, it also contains chemicals to replicate the sweet taste. This can be just as harmful to your teeth as drinking normal soda. If you have any questions about what foods should and should not be part of your diet, talk to your dentist.

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