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Invisalign Preferred Provider

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Dr Poneh Ghasri is simply amazing! She has been my dentist for years, and now takes care of my entire family. She has done so many preventive solutions for my teeth and has spared me lots of pain and ...
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Porcelain Crowns in West Hollywood

Porcelain Crowns in West HollywoodWhen our patients do not have the smile of their dreams, it is going to be heartbreaking. Those that are self-conscious about their smile are often going to find themselves not enjoying all of the pleasurable daily interactions that are worth experiencing. On top of this, severe decay, discoloration, or tooth loss can also lead to some very serious health implications, if not treated immediately. This is why our expert on porcelain crowns in West Hollywood, Dr. Ghasri, is ready to offer all patients the amount of time and energy that is going to be required in order to restore their smile as quickly as possible.

Our West Hollywood porcelain crowns dentist utilizes these appliances in order to restore the form and function of one’s smile and there are going to be two options when it comes to dental crowns. The first is to fit the crown over the existing natural tooth in order to protect it and prevent the spread of disease and decay. Our experts on porcelain crowns in West Hollywood will begin this process by carefully molding the tooth in order to allow the custom crowns to have a close fit. A bonding agent is used in order to keep the crown in place for years to come.

West Hollywood Porcelain Crowns Specialist

Another option provided by our West Hollywood porcelain crowns dentist is to utilize these appliances in conjunction with dental implants. Dental implants are surgical-grade rods that are set into the area left by missing teeth and will integrate with the soft tissue and jaw. Once the area has healed, we will be able to attach dental appliances to these rods and return the functionality of one’s bite and the appearance of their smile.  Crowns are very important as they will prevent current conditions from spreading or new health complications from forming. These include gum disease, tooth decay, and even facial sagging.

If you have been in search of ways to restore your smile and protect the health of your mouth, our West Hollywood cosmetic dentist is ready to serve you. Contact our dental office today and take that first step towards the smile of your dreams and impeccable oral health.