Flossing Excuses and How to Handle Them

Flossing Excuses and How to Handle Them

Only about half of Americans floss every day, and twenty percent of Americans never floss at all. Flossing daily is one of the best things that you can do for your smile. When you fail to floss, you are putting yourself at risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. Since research shows that it can take from twenty-one to sixty-six days to start a new habit, today is the day for you to stop the excuses and pick up the floss. Here are some common excuses to not floss and how to counteract them.

1. I don’t know how!Flossing is more than simply threading the floss between each set of teeth. Once you slide the floss between your teeth, curve it around each tooth and slide it back out to clean the plaque off the surfaces of the teeth. If the floss is uncomfortable to use, you can try using a floss pick or an interdental cleaner instead.

2. What if my gums bleed?If your gums are bleeding, they are begging you to floss. Gums can become irritated and inflamed by all that oral bacteria building up between your teeth. Once you start flossing, you are cleaning the bacteria out of those areas and creating a healthy environment for your gums to heal. Don’t be aggressive when you floss to avoid doing any more damage. However, if your gums continue to bleed after a couple weeks of regular brushing and flossing, give us a call so that we can make sure there are no other issues.

3. I forget.Keep your floss, toothbrush, and toothpaste stored together so that you can’t forget.

4. I use mouthwash, so I don’t need to floss.Mouthwash kills bacteria, but it does not mechanically remove the plaque from your teeth. For that, you need floss.

5. My teeth are too crowded for floss.There are flossing options for everyone. Try waxed floss, which is designed to slide smoothly between even closely spaced teeth.

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