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Snore Therapy

Snoring is a serious condition that millions of people suffer with every single night. While snoring may often be a sign of a simple cold or allergies, chronic snoring may be the result of any number of serious health conditions that are taking place in the nasal passages, throat, or mouth.

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Snore Therapy in West Hollywood

Snoring is classified as a hoarse or harsh noise that comes from an individual during their breathing while they sleep. It typically means that the airway is obstructed in some manner and will require snore therapy.

Studies conducted by the Mayo Clinic show that as many as half of all adults snore in some manner that is treatable.

The easiest snore therapy to carry out is simple lifestyle changes. Snoring is often the result of weight gain, excessive alcohol consumption, or irregular hours of sleep. Other minor changes could include changing the position that one sleeps in, taking a look at medications that are being taken, or even working on reducing allergens in the bedroom.

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In the most severe cases, snore therapy may require surgery. While this is not a very common practice, it may need to be done for those who are having chronic issues with their sleep due to their snoring. During these surgeries, doctors may be required to manipulate the nasal and air passages for easier breathing.

One of the most common and effective treatments for snoring is simple oral appliances. Our West Hollywood dentist can make patients custom mouth guards that are comfortable enough to be worn to sleep every night. These night guards will position the tongue and soft palate so that the air can move in and out of the body.

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