Foods for Better Teeth

Foods for Better Teeth

Eating unhealthy foods can leave your teeth more vulnerable to plaque, acid attacks and decay. Did you know that a healthy diet may have the opposite effect? A healthy diet that contains tooth-friendly nutrients can leave your whole smile healthier and more resistant to dental health problems.

1. Whole grainsOatmeal, whole grain breads, wild rice and barley can play an important role in your dental diet and can even reduce your risk of developing periodontitis, according to a study performed at McMaster University.

2. VegetablesSweet potatoes, carrots and pumpkins are good sources of beta carotene, which can build and strengthen your teeth. Dark leafy vegetables can provide essential calcium, and fibrous or water vegetables such as celery can help rinse away sticky plaque and massage your gums, which reduces bacteria and boosts circulation.

3. Lean proteinEggs, poultry and lean beef can help balance oral pH, which can interfere with oral bacteria’s reproductive cycle, and they are rich in phosphorus, which keeps dental enamel strong.

4. DairyMilk, yogurt and cheese are all great sources of calcium, which builds your enamel and stimulates saliva production, which can reduce your risk of tooth decay.

5. WaterDrinking water in place of juice, energy drinks or soft drinks can provide you with the fluoride you need to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

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