Fruit Juices and Your Dental Health

Fruit Juices and Your Dental Health

Parents often offer their kids fruit juices as an alternative to soft drinks, sports drinks and other sugary, unhealthy drinks. However, according to Kathy Harleys of the Royal College of Surgeons, juice can actually damage teeth, particularly if it is enjoyed too frequently.

Juice can provide nutrients that can help kids stay healthier, but it also tends to contain large amounts of sugar and acid. These acids can dissolve dental enamel over time while the sugar feeds oral bacteria and increases the risk of tooth decay. Children who drink multiple glasses of juice a day are at the greatest risk of suffering ill effects.

Instead of cutting your child’s favorite beverage out entirely, offer just one to two glasses a day, or mix the juice with sparkling or plain water for a lighter fruit-flavored treat. Offer water or milk at other times during the day. Water contains fluoride, which helps makes teeth more resilient, and milk is a good source of calcium and vitamin D, which can help teeth stay strong.

Parents can also ensure their kids get the nutrients they need without the harmful effects of juice by encouraging increased fruit consumption. Eating fresh fruit provides growing children with many of the vitamins they need without the excessive acid, added sugars or other unhealthy ingredients often found in juice. The fruit is also a great source of fiber, which can help mechanically clean teeth.

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