How to Prevent Tooth Stains from Wines

How to Prevent Tooth Stains from Wines

Wine is acidic and rich in natural colors that can cause tooth staining. New products on the market, such as straws and wipes, can help reduce this staining after drinking wine. However, there are some other steps you can take to prevent tooth stains from wine.

Brushing your teeth after drinking wine can be the most effective way to reduce staining, but the acids in wine actually weaken surface enamel. To avoid brushing away the protective enamel, rinse your mouth after drinking wine and wait at least a half an hour for your saliva to neutralize acids.

Eating while drinking can help reduce staining. Foods rich in fiber will act like mini scrubbers to keep wine residue from clinging to the surface of the teeth. Eating cheese increases saliva production, neutralizing acids and washing away stain-causing residue.

Red wine tends to cling to any plaque buildup you have on your teeth. If the acids and colors in wine cling to the plaque, these staining elements are held against your teeth by the sticky plaque. Brushing your teeth about an hour before drinking wine can help prevent the wine from clinging to any plaque.

Keep your teeth strong and healthy by eating well and cleaning your teeth at home. Be sure to make an appointment with our West Hollywood cosmetic dentist for personalized stain removal and whitening that is right for you.