Importance of Breakfast for Your Teeth

Importance of Breakfast for Your Teeth

While it is commonly known that eating a healthy breakfast is good for overall health and well-being, it is now being discovered that breakfast is also important for good oral health.

Research is showing that skipping breakfast leads to an increased risk of tooth decay in children in ages ranging from 2 to 5 years old. While lower income and minority children often experience more dental decay, children of more affluent families are experiencing more cavities when they miss out on breakfast. In addition, children who eat fewer than the 5 recommended servings of fruits and vegetables each day are more likely to develop cavities.

This just proves that good eating habits are essential for everyone, for both a healthy body and a healthy mouth. Breakfast is a great time to fuel the body with healthy nutrients, including dairy products, fruits, and vegetables. Drinking milk after a meal not only provides nutrients that help to strengthen the teeth, but milk can neutralize some of the acids in the mouth to reduce cavity risk.

While fruit juice is often advertised to be a great choice for breakfast, these juices are high in sugar and damaging to teeth. Juice should only be given to children on occasion and as a treat rather than in place of real fruit.

For recommendations on how breakfast is affecting the smile of you and your children, make an appointment with our dentist in West Hollywood for a personalized exam and cleaning.