Information about Root Canal Treatment

Information about Root Canal Treatment

Root canal is a procedure used to remove damaged tissue from inside of teeth and protect those teeth from future damage. As an alternative to extraction and tooth replacement, this procedure is valuable because it lets patients retain real teeth, which offer optimal comfort, stability and functionality. Recipients of this treatment also retain a natural appearance and avoid the tooth shifting that can occur if teeth are removed and replaced with bridges or dentures. Here is more about this procedure, why it is necessary and how it is performed.

Why This Treatment Is Necessary

Patients may require this procedure because of infection or physical trauma. Infection may be caused by longstanding tooth decay, which can eventually reach the pulp and nerves inside of teeth and cause pain, inflammation and abscess. Severe trauma to teeth can fracture them, letting sources of infection into the tooth where it can cause similar problems. By undergoing this treatment, patients receive immediate relief of pain and avoid the possibility of systemic infection from the tooth.

How This Treatment Works

Our dentist takes X-rays of the damaged tooth in order to know where to locate the infected tissue. After drilling into the tooth, our dentist takes the damaged tissue out and replaces it with medicated packing material. Finally, our dentist seals the tooth with a filling. A crown may be added to the tooth to preserve its appearance and enhance its protection.

Most teeth treated with this procedure last for many years, and retreatment can usually be performed if infections ever re-occur. Patients can learn more about the benefits of this procedure at a consultation with our dentist.