Signs that Indicate It is Time to See Your Dentist

Signs that Indicate It is Time to See Your Dentist

When is the last time you visited our dentist? Many people skip dental visits unless they are experiencing pain. Others may avoid the dentist altogether out of dental-related fear or anxiety. Although regular dental care can help you avoid costly or serious dental problems in the future, some signs or symptoms indicate an immediate evaluation is in order. Our dentist in West Hollywood explains what to watch out for and when to call us.


Tooth pain, throbbing in the jaw, sudden sensitivity to temperature changes, sharp pains, tenderness or headaches all indicate a dental checkup is in order. Pain can vary from mild to severe, and each type of pain may have a different cause. Tooth grinding, a fractured tooth, a cavity, an infection or a lost filling or crown can all lead to dental pain. Our dentist will evaluate your symptoms to determine the best course of action.


If you have never or rarely flossed your teeth before, your gums may bleed slightly for the first several days. However, if your gums continue to bleed or if they bleed when you brush your teeth, you may need to visit our dentist. A visit may also be in order if your gums appear to be swollen, receding or discolored, or if you have chronic bad breath.


Mouth sores, ulcers, white patches on your tongue or cheeks, swollen cysts near the teeth or painless red sores should all be evaluated as soon as possible.

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