The Value of a Smile

The Value of a Smile

Smiling is an easy, feel-good way to communicate your feelings and emotions with others. If you aren’t feeling good about your smile, though, it can be hard to feel comfortable and confident sharing that part of yourself with others. Poneh Ghasri DDS, cosmetic dentist in West Hollywood, understands the importance of a smile and is dedicated to helping her patients achieve their best smile yet.

Dr. Ghasri isn’t alone in believing in the power of a smile. Psychiatrists have discovered that if you’re in a bad mood, a forced smile can help you feel better. Smiles can also boost your immune system and relieve stress while taking fewer muscles and energy than frowns. Maybe there really is something to the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine”!

Have you ever noticed someone else smiling and had the urge to smile back? That’s because, according to a Swedish study, smiles, like yawns, are contagious. Even though many other facial expressions and hand gestures can mean many different things to different people in different cultures, a smile is a universal sign of happiness. When we see someone else who is happy and enjoying life, it gives us an instant boost.

Even babies smile, often sharing their first precious grins within days of their birth. They are able to smile in response to caregivers just weeks later. It’s a skill that ensures they will get necessary attention, and it’s a skill with lifelong benefits: Those who smile frequently are seen as more confident, social and even more attractive than those who don’t.

If you’ve been hiding your smile due to stains, chips, gaps or misalignments, you may be shortchanging yourself. Call our West Hollywood cosmetic dentist to schedule a consultation and learn more about your options.

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