Tooth Grinding and Headaches

Tooth Grinding and Headaches

Those who frequently wake up in the morning with a headache may be experiencing the aftereffects of bruxism, or tooth grinding. While this problem is seen more frequently in children and teenagers, it can occur in adults as well. Continued bruxism can lead to potential health problems.

Many people do not even realize that they grind their teeth, because it most often occurs during sleep. You might become aware of bruxism if a loved one tells you of the occurrence or if you begin to wake up with symptoms that include headaches or pain in the jaw, face, or ear.

Bruxism may be caused by a variety of stress or emotional issues, physical problems that involve the teeth, jaw or ears, or from other medical problems or medication side effects. Left untreated, tooth grinding can lead to wearing down of teeth, cracking or breaking of teeth, tooth loss, temporomandibular joint disorder, deafness, or other medical problems.

You may also become aware of bruxism during a routine dental examination. The dentist may notice uneven wearing of the teeth, cracking, breaking, or loosening of the teeth that could be associated with bruxism. Your dental care provider can fit you with an appropriate mouth guard to wear at night to prevent additional damage to the teeth from grinding.

If you think you might suffer from bruxism, make an appointment to see our dentist in West Hollywood for an exam and treatment solution to help save your teeth from further damage.