Your Oral Hygiene Routine During Pregnancy

Your Oral Hygiene Routine During Pregnancy

Your own health is important for the success of your pregnancy, and this includes the health of your teeth and gums. Supporting your oral health will reduce your risk of infections that could potentially become systemic and harm your baby. Here is how to make a routine that addresses this aspect of your health while you are pregnant.

Use Calcium Supplements

Not only will calcium support healthy teeth in your own mouth, but this mineral will also foster strong bones and teeth in your developing baby.

Control Your Gingivitis Risk

Brush and floss daily using products approved by the American Dental Association. After meals, rinse with mouthwash containing ingredients that help fight gingivitis.

Stay Ready for Morning Sickness

Keep a kit ready in case you suffer from nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. The kit should contain disposable plastic bags, wet wipes, water, mouthwash and breath mints.

Scrutinize Your Medications

Some drugs should not be taken during pregnancy. For example, when used by pregnant women, tetracycline and similar antibiotics can harm the development of teeth in their babies.

Tackle Taste Changes

Many women experience a bad taste in their mouth during pregnancy. If this happens to you, consider rinsing with baking soda and consuming citrus fruits or drinks regularly.

In the initial 13 weeks of pregnancy, babies are at increased risk of damage from many sources. This means that if you visit our office during this time, you should avoid significant dental work and tell us that you only need a routine exam. Our dentist can explain more about how you can support a healthy pregnancy by caring for your teeth.