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Comprehensive Dental Exam and X-Rays

Comprehensive Dental Exam and X-RayOne of the most important things you can do to preserve your teeth and your dental health is to practice good oral hygiene at home. It is imperative that you brush after every meal and floss regularly. However, without a professional dental exam and dental x-ray twice a year, you are not doing all you can to truly prevent dental problems.

Dental exams by a professional are one of the best ways to stop dental problems before they begin. During an exam, a dentist can spot problems early and advise you on the best way to deal with them while they are still easily treatable. Having the necessary dental x-rays along with your exam allows your dentist to spot cavities which are forming beneath the visible surface of the tooth. This early detection can often mean the cavity can be treated with a simple filling instead of a root canal or other invasive procedures later.

During a dental exam, your dentist will visually examine your teeth, looking for plaque and tartar accumulation, signs of cavities, and other problems. Your dentist will also carefully examine your gums, looking for discoloration or puffiness; these can be signs of gum disease.

After your visual exam, your dentist may want to get dental x-rays. The x-ray is usually performed with a “bite wing” device; you bite down on an appliance which holds film, and the x-ray is taken through your cheek. The dose of radiation contained in this x-ray is not dangerous, although you should always inform your dentist if you are pregnant or could be pregnant, or if you suffer from some medical condition which could be affected by radiation, even at low doses. The x-ray allows your dentist to see inside your teeth so that any developing cavities can be noted.  After the x-rays are taken, a comprehensive clinical and radiographic exam will be performed.  Your dentist will discuss with you any problems found. At this time, you can ask questions and find out what your options are for treating any problems which have been noted.

Finally, a dental exam and dental x-ray are usually followed by a professional cleaning. Depending on the condition of your teeth and gums, your dentist will determine what type of dental cleaning will be suitable for you.  

Dr. Ghasri, our dentist in West Hollywood, wants to stress the recommendation that you have a dental exam and x-ray every six months at a minimum. By scheduling regular dental exams and following good oral hygiene at home, you are doing your part to ensure that you prevent serious dental problems in the future.

Visit Dr. Ghasri, our West Hollywood dentist, for your dental exam soon.