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Invisalign Preferred Provider

Invisalign Preferred Provider

Invisalign Preferred Provider


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I am so blessed to have Dr. Ghasri and her staff!  She is very patient, caring and professional.  Her staff is helpful and friendly.  I have been a patient of hers for many years and...
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Dental Bonding

Dental BondingDental bonding is a procedure that uses a composite resin to “sculpt” teeth into perfect shape. With dental bonding procedures, chipped or cracked teeth can be rebuilt and look brand new. Stained teeth receive a complete “face lift” with bonding, and even gapped teeth can sometimes be repaired with the use of this technique. Dr. Poneh Ghasri, our skilled West Hollywood dentist, uses her artistic abilities to guarantee a beautiful and finessed appearance.

Dental bonding begins with a mild etching solution that is applied to the teeth to create a bondable surface. The etching solution creates small channels in the tooth’s enamel, giving a rough surface more acceptable to the bonding material. A pliable composite resin is then placed on the teeth and sculpted into the proper shape. This resin is very malleable until it hardens, and it can be colored to match your teeth’s color exactly so that the bonding appears completely natural. After the resin is applied, it is dried and hardened with a high-intensity light. If necessary, additional layers of resin are applied to build up the coating over your teeth to the desired depth. This allows our dentist to sculpt your dental bonding into exactly the right size and shape to give your teeth their best appearance.

Dental bonding can be used to solve a variety of dental problems. Gaps between teeth can be easily closed, discolored teeth can be covered, and chipped teeth can be reshaped. While bonding will not solve all of your dental problems, it can be used to repair an amazing variety of dental issues.

Dental bonding is a procedure that is well-tolerated by most patients. Since it does not involve any surgical procedures and can be performed painlessly, even patients with diabetes and other conditions that prohibit dental surgery can benefit from bonding.

Make an appointment today to talk to Dr. Poneh Ghasri, our dentist in West Hollywood. Dr. Ghasri is an expert on dental bonding and can help you understand the benefits of bonding and how it can help you repair problematic areas of your teeth. For a beautiful smile, talk to Dr. Ghasri about dental bonding today.