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I've been a long time fan/patient of Dr. Poneh and wanted to check out her digs at Sunset Plaza.  THis location is small, but it is very well designed.  Jared, the assistant, was fri...
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Dental Extractions

Dental ExtractionsDental extractions refer to the process most people call “pulling teeth.” The word “pulling” is a misnomer, however, as most extractions involve surgical removal of teeth. There can be several reasons for extraction of teeth, but good, professional dentists try to use extraction only as a last resort, and “pull” only those teeth which cannot be saved.

One common reason for dental extractions is impacted wisdom teeth. “Impacted” means that the wisdom teeth are growing crookedly beneath the surface of the gum, pushing against other teeth. This can cause severe pain, infection, and eventual misalignment of the other teeth. If wisdom teeth are impacted, it is usually best to remove them before they cause significant problems. Wisdom tooth extraction means dental surgery, but it is usually a fairly simple procedure.

Other reasons for dental extractions include decaying teeth which cannot be filled or crowned, teeth broken in an accident, and special situations such as extra teeth under the gum line. Most broken or decayed teeth can be removed through non-surgical means. The dentist applies a local anesthetic which numbs the area around the tooth then extracts the teeth with forceps. A surgical extraction is usually performed under general anesthesia and involves surgical incursion into the gum tissue to remove a portion of a broken tooth or a tooth deeply embedded in the gum.

Dental extractions
are often considered frightening and painful, but they do not have to be. With the right anesthetic and surgical technique, extractions can be relatively pain-free and recovery time does not have to be long or uncomfortable.

Dr. Afar, our West Hollywood dentist, has vast experience with dental extractions and knows how to give the proper sedatives and use the right surgical techniques to ensure that your procedure is painless and your recovery is short. Dr. Afar, a board-certified periodontist has worked with many patients to diagnose, perform, and monitor conditions which require surgical extractions, and can give you professional help for dental issues which may impact your oral and overall health.

Call today for an appointment with Dr. Afar, our dentist in West Hollywood, to discuss your dental extraction needs.