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Invisalign Preferred Provider

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Dental Implants

Dental ImplantsDental implants are used to replace missing or badly damaged teeth. Teeth can be lost for a variety of reasons, including accidents, decay, and gum disease. Besides the fact that missing teeth are unsightly, they can also lead to further dental problems. A missing tooth may cause the teeth on either side of the cavity to become loose, become misaligned, or be exposed to decay from plaque. Your teeth support each other, and when one is lost the rest may suffer.

Fortunately, there is a very effective solution to the problem of missing teeth: dental implants. Dental implants are appliances that are attached directly to the bone beneath the gum. This procedure anchors the dental implant in place and makes it very sturdy and long-lasting. In this way, teeth can be permanently replaced without the need for bridges or dentures.

Dental implants are made of porcelain and other durable materials, and look exactly like “real” teeth. They can even be tinted to match the shade of your existing teeth. Once in place, dental implants act exactly like your real teeth as well, assisting you in chewing, swallowing, and speaking normally. Most problems stemming from missing teeth can be solved instantly by the placement of dental implants.

If you have diabetes or other medical conditions which prohibit dental surgery, dental implants might not be the best choice for your treatment. However, most patients not only tolerate dental implants well, but enjoy a much better appearance and quality of life after dental implant surgery.

For patients that are looking for a trusted dentist in West Hollywood, Dr. Bijan Afar, a board-certified periodontist has quickly become a leader in the field of dental implants. Dr. Afar can examine you and determine the best course of dental implant treatment for your particular needs. Dr. Afar will assess your medical history and the current condition of your teeth. He will then recommend a treatment which may include dental implants to replace missing or badly damaged teeth, improving your overall dental health and appearance.

Make an appointment to visit Dr. Afar, our West Hollywood dentist, to discuss dental implants and what they can do to solve your problems with missing teeth.