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Full Dentures

Full DenturesEstimates show that at least 25 percent of people will lose all of their teeth by the time they reach old age. Even younger people can suffer damaging tooth loss from accidents and dental disease. One method of treating the loss of most or all of the teeth is the preparation of full dentures that replace the missing teeth and allow you to lead a normal life.

Full dentures are formed into devices called “plates” which fit either the upper or lower jaw. These dental plates are usually held in place with some type of temporary adhesive. However, good dentures are designed to fit the jaw closely so that the need for adhesive is minimal. Adhesive simply helps hold the plate in place with minimal slipping.

Full dentures are sturdy and look like real teeth. They are strong enough to withstand normal chewing, although some foods may be difficult for denture wearers. Some patients with dentures find that biting into very hard fruit or eating very chewy candy results in undue slippage of the dental plate. Another benefit of dentures is that they allow the wearer to speak clearly. Speech is often a problem for those who have lost most or all of their teeth, so dentures allow clearer communication. Finally, dentures vastly improve your appearance, giving you a bright smile that you will be proud to show off.


Full dentures are not the only solution to missing teeth, but they are appropriate for patients who cannot tolerate dental implants or who prefer to avoid dental surgery. For patients with diabetes, jaw problems, and other medical issues, dentures may be the best option. Further, dentures prevent other severe health issues, such as deterioration of the jaw muscles and bones.

Dr. Poneh Ghasri, our West Hollywood dentist, can discuss the advantages of full dentures with you and explain all of your options regarding tooth replacement. She can also fit you for your dentures professionally; this is always a concern with denture wearers, and should be handled by a professional with experience.

Talk to Dr. Ghasri, our dentist in West Hollywood, today about your dentures and rest assured that you will receive the very best in professional denture treatment.