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Dr. Poneh is extremely professional while being friendly and super nice!
As a new Angeleno from Chicago, I was forced to find new everything: doctor, hairdresser, dentist etc… I decided to try Sunset Plaza Dental because it was conveniently near my work and I’m defini...
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los-angeles-free-lumineers-consultation-sunset-plaza-dentalLumineersDental veneers have come a long way in the last decade. Early veneers required extensive preparatory work and filing of the teeth. Often, this filing was so extensive that the teeth were severely damaged and replacing the veneers every few years was not an option. With the advent of new technology, however, veneers have become much thinner and lighter. Lumineers is one type of veneer so thin that almost no preparatory filing of the teeth is necessary.

Lumineers are a form of dental veneers which cover stained, chipped, or cracked teeth. While bleaching and other teeth whitening methods may work for some patients, in others the damage is too deep for simple whitening procedures or repairs to fix the problem. In these cases, dental veneers are one of the best solutions because they completely cover the tooth, hiding the imperfections completely.

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Dental veneers are very light and strong, and are made of very durable materials. They slip directly over the tooth to correct or hide problems. Anchored onto the base of the tooth, veneers will provide long-lasting repair for many dental problems. However, many older veneers were too thick to allow them to comfortably fit over the tooth, so the tooth had to be filed down. This is not usually the case with Lumineers.

are up to half as thin as some other types of veneers, yet they are very strong. Because they are so thin, most patients report that they feel very natural on the teeth, and do not require a great deal of acclimation on the part of the patient. You can eat, speak, and swallow naturally, and will hardly notice the feel of the new veneers over your existing teeth.

Dr. Poneh Ghasri, our dentist in West Hollywood, has extensive experience evaluating and placing dental veneers for patients. She has worked with many people just like you to find the right solution to your dental issues. You can make an appointment today to speak with Dr. Ghasri, our West Hollywood cosmetic dentist, about the possibility of using lumineers to cover your stained, cracked, or chipped teeth, and give yourself a refreshing new appearance.

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