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Teeth Whitening


Teeth WhiteningOne of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures available is teeth whitening. Millions of people have discovered the benefits of whitening their smiles, including improved appearance and self-confidence. However, many people do not realize that the most effective and easy whitening treatments are those performed right in the dentist’s office. These types of whitening treatments are also known as “chairside whitening.”

There are a variety of at-home teeth whitening treatments available in over-the-counter form from your local drug store. Many people invest in these kits, only to realize that they do not often give the results of a professional whitening treatment. For very lightly stained teeth, at-home treatments may be effective; however, for deeply stained teeth, chairside whitening is usually far more effective.

In-office teeth whitening can usually be performed in one visit. Often a peroxide-based gel will be applied to the teeth, which penetrates the tooth enamel and bleaches deeply-embedded stains. By removing these deep stains, the entire tooth gains a lustrous white appearance. This beautiful and brilliant white color will last some time, depending on your dental hygiene routine and the foods you consume.


Some teeth whitening systems utilize other methods to enhance the action of the whitening gel. For example, the Zoom whitening system uses a patented UV light along with the gel to cause the peroxide to penetrate further into the tooth enamel and stay activated for a longer period of time. This gives brilliant results which can be up to eight times lighter than your starting tooth color. Zoom is a patented system with proven results for many patients.

Dr. Ghasri, our West Hollywood dentist, performs many whitening procedures and can give you sound professional advice on the best way to brighten your teeth. Dr. Ghasri can give you realistic expectations of how white your teeth can be, and can recommend the right method of whitening treatment for your needs.

Come in and see Dr. Ghasri, our cosmetic dentist in West Hollywood, for your dental whitening treatment and discover how beautiful and brilliant your smile can be, and how much you will boost your self-esteem with a pearly-white smile.