Facts about Dental Implants

Facts about Dental Implants

Permanent implants can help restore the function and appearance of your mouth by replacing your natural teeth. However, there are some differences in implants and procedures that will be chosen by your dentist based on some important facts about dental implants.

There are two types of implants: those that are placed into the jaw bone where they fuse into place and those that are attached on top of the jaw bone. The decision will depend on how much bone is available in the jaw for implant placement. Implants inserted into the jaw bone will fuse in place. The recovery and healing for traditional implants may take several months to complete.

There are different types of crowns for implants. A crown is attached to the implant to replace the missing tooth or teeth. Crowns may be in the form of single teeth or they may be in the form of a full or partial denture.

When a partial or full denture is used to replace teeth, there is not a need to use an implant to replace each tooth space. Rather, three or four implants may be used instead to hold the full or partial denture securely in place.

Mini implants are now available, requiring less invasive methods and shorter healing and recovery time. Mini implants are used for smaller teeth and narrower spaces. Mini implants are ideal to hold lower dentures into place.

There are now removable partial dentures supported by implants allowing for greater stability.