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Dental Crowns

After an examination of the damaged tooth, prep work will be done by the dentist to make sure the crown fits properly. After doing so, the impressions of the prepared tooth are sent to our dental lab with important information such as the desired tooth shade, etc.

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Dental Crowns in El Monte

While waiting for the crown to be prepared in our lab, you will be fitted with a non-permanent, temporary crown, which will allow you to make regular-use of your teeth.

What are the applications of dental crowns?

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This dental restoration finds use in many areas of malocclusion, including:

    It secures a cracked tooth or keeps a weak tooth safe and free from breakage.
    Restores tooth that is seriously worn-out or broken.
    Teeth with large fillings are better covered and supported.
    They keep a denture or bridge in position.
    They provide cover for seriously misaligned or discolored teeth.
    Provide cover for a tooth that has been fixed using root canal treatment.
    Provide cover for a dental implant.
    Enhance teeth aesthetics.

Caring for your crowns

Just like everything else, proper care and maintenance are equal to longevity. So, in the same way you would care for your natural teeth, you must also do so for your dental crowns.
Indeed, dental crowns may not decay, but at the margin where they connect with your natural teeth, decay may set in, especially when you are not practicing good dental hygiene.
So what should you do? It is straightforward. Ensure you brush your teeth two times every day, once in the morning and at once at night, while using a fluoride toothpaste that helps fight germs and bacteria.

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